About Maple Taurus’ Blog

Established writers often share their ‘tricks of the trade’ with aspiring writers. They’re not afraid of increased competition, they’d rather help people achieve their passions. We can all agree that these veteran writers, in sharing what they’ve learned over the many years of successfully practicing their craft, are the most generous of human beings.

The existence of role models and tutors makes the job easier for the people who want to follow in their footsteps. In this way novice writers can establish success for themselves and, eventually, learn through experience the tricks that they pass on in turn.

One of these tricks, often near the top of lists for novice writers, is to choose a niche topic. Being focused on one specific topic allows the writer mastery over that topic and, at the same time, the writer carves out a space for themselves online– they become known as an authority on that topic.

In return for focusing the writer can count on a core community of readers interested in that topic. That community will return to the blog on a regular basis because they know what they’re going to get. Namely, more information and speculation about that thing they like. Choosing a niche topic is good advice.

But then we get to me and my blog. My tentative desire to be a writer. I’m one of those people with aspirations. To provide a clue as to my personality, and why choosing a niche topic is difficult for me, even though it’s such great advice, perhaps a short demonstration is in order.

I rather like to eat food. Something about the taste, the texture, the smell, the pure experience of eating triggers my brain’s pleasure circuitry. It doesn’t matter what kind of food I eat– the end result is the same. I experience pleasant feelings. However, when I browse the shelves of a grocery store, the amount of options available to me is overwhelming. The trouble is I’d like to eat everything.

And the same thing happens when I say to myself “OK, I need to choose a niche topic for my blog, because top-notch writers with years of experience say this is something that should be done.” I see the advantages to it. I want it to happen. But, again, there are too many options to choose from, stemming from my many interests in life.

Do I write about video games, or television shows and movies? Am I really interested in the lives of celebrities, or are the dramas of politicians and governments more interesting? Can I be a travel-writer, or perhaps a food critic? The problem is I could write a blog devoted to each of these topics.

But I can’t write about all of these topics all at once, with multiple different blogs. I think it’s best to keep my focus on one blog and put my best work into it.

So I can’t decide on a single topic. Now we come to this blog, where the URL isn’t too specific. “Maple Taurus” is a pseudonym under which I do random things on the internet. It’s nothing more than a shallow mask for online interactions. It doesn’t refer specifically to something like ‘travel’ or ‘politics’. Here, then, I can abandon specificity in favor of being a general or opinion-based blog.

Consequently, I cannot reliably attract a core community of people who will maintain my view numbers. With this sacrifice I can, however, jump from one topic to another, randomly exploring all the topics in the universe as dictated by the wandering focus of my thoughts.

I can provide my opinions on random topics without being asked for my opinion. Maybe someday I’ll be more focused, but not today.

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